17 Bunnies Who Have Reached Peak Fabulousness

1. This bunny is just taking a break from running a top fashion magazine to critique your outfit.

ID: 10876155

2. And this one can pull off hats and knows it.

ID: 10876150

3. These bunnies are just having a cute get together, life has really caught up with them and they haven’t been able to have a good natter in months but nothing has changed between them.

ID: 10876082

4. This little one wants you to know flairs are back and she WILL carry them off.

ID: 10876076

5. This cutie is just living her best bumble bee life.

ID: 10876088

6. You have just shown this bunny a piece of your original art, she can’t believe you have the gall but she has a meeting at the MOMA soon so she isn’t going to spend time dragging you.

ID: 10876095

7. Get this bunny on America’s Next Top Model right now.

ID: 10876110

8. You’ve probably seen this bunny at Coachella making heads turn.

ID: 10876120

9. Just look at this cutie absolutely werking knitwear.

ID: 10876135

10. This fierce thing is about to drop the hottest mixtape of all time.

ID: 10876146

11. Catch this bunny on the Upper East Side working for a top law firm.

ID: 10876148

12. This bunny lives for a good night out and is actually rumoured to be the sixth Kardashian sister. The paternity tests haven’t come back yet but the leopard print gives it away.

ID: 10876160

13. This cutie is a glam diva through and through.

ID: 10876164

14. Don’t bother this tiny professor with your silly questions, he’s bogged down in papers to mark while simultaneously looking fabulous.

ID: 10876165

15. This bunny knows there’s nothing more chic than a plain black scarf.

ID: 10876167

16. Oversized beanies are in and this bunny needs you to get on board with this trend right now.

ID: 10876181

17. Oops you just caught this bunny on a cute winter walk at her country home, sure you can get her autograph as long as it’s quick.

ID: 10876179

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Cassie Smyth is a junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.


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17 Bunnies Who Have Reached Peak Fabulousness

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